Above anything else, NFTY cares most about the welfare of your children when you entrust us with their care. The Union for Reform Judaism sponsors programs around the world which involve over 25,000 youth each year. At every event, whether they take place at camps, regional sites, or in Israel and Europe, we take great pride in the the quality of our staff. The NFTY regional staff are supervised and trained by North American directors of youth programs. They are given clear guidance, best practices, and protocols to follow when they are running an event.

Every decision that we make about our programs revolves around the health and safety of your child. This is a partnership between the URJ, NFTY, the participants, their parents, and the synagogues. We strive to provide the highest level of care for each participant in our programs.

  • The NFTY B’rit K’hilah (Code of Conduct) helps create a healthy environment filled with Jewish values where participants are encouraged to make good decisions. This code of conduct establishes clear boundaries.
  • There is always significant adult supervision at every NFTY event no matter where the event takes place.
  • The NFTY staff goes through extensive training in order to ensure everyone’s welfare. There is a NFTY manual of operations which provides specific guidelines for many situations.
  • Each event site is considered carefully and reviewed to make sure that it meets our standards for safety and security and will help ensure a healthy environment.
  • In the event that medical care is required there are always qualified medical facilities available.
  • All food choices are healthy and sensitive to the special dietary needs of our participants.
  • During all programs it is possible to get in touch with staff at the event 24/7 if you need to contact your child.