Meet Our Regional Board

Izzy Segel, President
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Hi NFTY-PAR! My name is Izzy Segel, and I'm so excited to serve as your President this year! When I'm not at a NFTY event or planning one, you can probably find me playing soccer, doing research about behavioral economics, getting involved in the latest political/social action campaign, or traveling! In my (extremely limited) free time, I love exercising at 6am, watching documentaries, and eating great food in my wonderful city of Pittsburgh. Feel free to come to me with any questions, feedback, or just to say hi! Let's do this!

Abby Adelman, Programming Vice President
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Abby is super pumped to serve as NFTY PARs PVP this year!! She is a junior from Pittsburgh and is an active member of her TYG, TheRSTY. Abby works with groupleading committee, programming committee, ruach chairs, and programming interns to help make events as fun as they can be!! If you have an idea or question relating to programming just send her an email! Abby loves hanging out with her friends, rowing, watching netflix, and of course, NFTY!

Chase Mendell
, Social Action Vice President
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Chase is thrilled to be serving as your SAVP this year. He is from ToaSTY in Broomall and is a senior in high school. Chase is excited about exploring new ideas for our social action programs. He has been to Camp Harlam for seven years and recently went to Nicaragua for Mitzvah Corps. Chase enjoys experiencing other cultures, environmental science and community volunteering. Want to stay updated with NFTY PAR social action or have any questions? Send him an email!

Lana Kolchinsky, Religious & Cultural Vice President
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Lana is honored to be serving as NFTY-PAR’s Religious and Cultural Vice President. She is from Moorestown, NJ and is an active member of her TYG, AEFTY. Lana loves to talk about Jewish history and philosophy! She is excited to bring more creativity to the region’s spiritual experiences this year, as well as delve further into Israeli culture. If you have anything you want to see in this year’s religious programming or want to read Torah at an event, be sure to let her know!

Robbie Newman, Membership Vice President
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Robbie is so excited to be the NFTY-PAR Regional Membership Vice President this year! Robbie lives in Horsham Pennsylvania and is a member at to BOFTY and Congregation Beth Or in Maple Glen. He enjoys school, traveling, hanging out with friends and loves NFTY! Robbie is excited to recruit new members to join NFTY and share the experiences he has had, so others can benefit. If you want to learn more about NFTY-PAR or want to leave how to become more involved, please don't hesitate to send me an email!

Gracie Silverstein, Fundraising Vice President
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Gracie is overjoyed to serve as the FVP for this upcoming year. Gracie is very active in her school and synagogue community and can't wait to jump right into PAR's regional board. Gracie is in charge of running canteen and designing new merch to sell at events. She also oversees the Fundraising Committee and ensures its productivity. Have new and exciting merch ideas? Contact Gracie directly and share them!! In her free time, Gracie loves making a mess in her kitchen, beading bracelets, and attending Temple Basketball games!!

Kat DeSantis, Communications Vice President
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Kat is so excited to be PAR's CVP this year! She lives in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, and loves SSTY and her syngagoge. She enjoys meeting new friends, reading, and writing our newsletter, Oliver's Penn! Kat has also loved NFTY the past three years, and would be more than happy to share her passion with others. If you ever need a friend to sit with at lunch, find Kat!

NFTY Pennsylvania Area is governed by a board of teen leaders who are elected by their peers that serve a one-year term. Regional board members play a critical role in all aspects of running the region including event planning and marketing, and mentoring teen leaders from our local youth communities. The regional board is mentored by a Regional Director who oversees all programs and administration.


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