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Shabbat Sha-Bowling Rap

On Saturday, January 26th we had a fun and interactive event for Pittsburgh 5th-7th graders. We kicked off the event with a freestyle Shabbat Sha-Rap. For those who don’t know, Shabbat Sha-Raps started at URJ Kutz Camp as an engaging and creative way to share the weekly Torah portion during services. After taking off at Kutz Camp, many NFTY regions incorporate their own original Shabbat Sha-Raps into their spiritual experiences. Rebecca Schwartz, a senior and active NFTY-PAR participant from Temple Emanuel of South Hills in Pittsburgh, wrote and rapped this for all of us! Enjoy!!

Pittsburgh Shabbat Sha-Bowling Rap
Parsha Yitro

This is the story all about how,
The Jew’s lives got turned upside down.
Last week we had crossed the red sea
Now we are standing at Mt. Sinai wondering who we’ll be.

First comes Jethro, Moses’ father in law,
Who comes to visit because of the miracles they saw,
He see’s the chaos in the tents, no brick or mortar,
And tells Moses to appoint judges to provide justice and order.

The Israelites are told we are a holy nation,
Chosen by G-d, Mt. Sinai’s the location.
We accept this responsibility, ready to be Jews,
Saying “All that G-d has spoken, we shall do”

Now that we accepted, we get down to business
All the generations are bearing witness
As the Ten Commandments are given by G-d,
It’s the real deal, not some type of fraud

One G-d, no idols, don’t take G-d’s name in vain,
Keep Shabbat, honor thy parents, even when they are a pain,
Don’t murder, Don’t cheat, do not steal
Don’t lie, don’t covet, that’s a bad thing to feel.

Now that we have the Ten Great rules,
This Torah portion ends, leaving us with the tools,
These ten tools to lead a just life
Helping us to choose wrong from right.