Blog  General Board Structure for 2016-2017

General Board Structure for 2016-2017

This year, the NFTY-PAR General Board has been restructured with the intention of having stronger, more engaged leadership. This will allow the voices of PAR members to be better heard and will give many people valuable experiences on the regional level. Each member of the regional board will work hand-in-hand with committees that will help with many aspects of regional events, as well as communications and other community-building opportunities between events. Please watch the videos below to learn more about the positions and access the General Board application at the bottom of this page.

Our President, Noah Podolnick, will oversee one committee, the Constitution Committee.
This committee would be great for those interested in writing legislation that exemplifies the values upon which NFTY was founded.

Our PVP, Mikey Pliskin, will oversee two committees, the Groupleading Committee and the Program Committee.
The program committee will write programs for the region and will also help evaluate programatic aspects of events after each Kallah to improve future programs. The group leading committee will participate in development calls to help them better understand group leading techniques as well as the programs they lead at NFTY-PAR events.

Our SAVP, Anna Keilly, will oversee one committee, the Social Justice Committee.
This committee will focus on creating and leading social action projects and programs in PAR, as well as promoting inclusion of all members.

Our RCVP, Liam Nielsenshultz, will oversee two committees, the T’Filah Committee and the Songleading Committee.
The T’filah committee will lead parts of spiritual experiences and religious programming, including, but not limited to reading Torah and prayers and group leading during programs. The songleading committee will work with RCVP and head songleader to refine songleading abilities and general leadership skills. Those interested do not necessarily need to know how to play an instrument!

Our MVP, Will Saltzburg, will oversee two committees and two positions, the Big Committee, the JYK Committee, the Secretaries of New Members.
In the big committee, bigs will be paired with littles, getting to know them and forming deep relationships to enhance PAR over the course of the year. The JYK Committee will consist of 6-7 PAR members who plan Junior Youth Kallah and are passionate about engaging middle schoolers in Reform Jewish life. The Secretaries of New Members will be seniors who pair Bigs and Littles and write new member programming for regional events.

Our FVP, Isaac Kravatz, will oversee one committee, the Canteen Committee.
The canteen committee will be involved in merchandise design and sales, as well as in the execution of NFTY-PAR fundraising efforts.

Our CVP, Sami Fleischner, will oversee three positions, the Video Chair, the Yearbook Chair, and the Senior Wills Chair.
The Video Chair will be in charge of photography and videography for PAR events, using this footage to create post-event recap videos, as well as an end-of year-video that showcases highlights of the year. The Yearbook Chair will create and edit the yearbook and be in charge of surveys and superlatives that contribute to the NFTY-PAR yearbook. The Senior Wills Chair will collect senior wills from seniors so that they can be shared with the region.

Click here to access the General Board Application 2016-2017.