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    Families, Friendship, and Feedback

    Written by: Will Saltzburg, NFTY-PAR MVP NFTY is a movement built from connections that grow into meaningful friendships. Without the love and support of our peers, NFTY would not be the same. Because NFTYites have created strong bonds with their contemporaries, they are able to be honest with one another.

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  • SLK 2016 - PAR Board

    Speak Now: Leaders of NFTY-PAR

    Written by: Noah Podolnick, NFTY-PAR President NFTY-PAR is great. It’s great because each and every one of us are a part of it. It’s great because every individual PARites opinion is valued and taken into serious consideration and thought. The only issue is that not everyone is aware of this.

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